Questions About The Registry

Question: What is the Donate Life New England Donor Registry?

Answer: The Donate Life New England Donor Registry is a computer data base of individuals age 18 years and older who have made the decision to be a donor. It allows organ and tissue donation professionals to determine at the time of death if you had registered to be a donor so that your wish to donate could be fulfilled.

Question: Is registering through Donate Life New England similar to signing up to be a donor on my drivers license?

Answer: Yes. Registering with Donate Life New England is simply one more way to make your donation wishes known. Many donors may even wish to register through both Donate Life New England and their state motor vehicle office. However, if you register in both places and change your mind about donation, be sure to remove yourself from both donor registries as well.

Question: Can I make specific decisions about what organs and tissues I wish to donate?

Answer: Yes. On the enrollment form there will be an opportunity to designate specific organs or tissues you do not wish to donate.

Question: Will my decision to donate be kept private?

Answer: Personal information in the donor registry is only accessible to designated donation professionals. The information on the donor registry cannot be shared with or sold to companies or government agencies. Should you die in a manner suitable for donation, your closest next-of-kin will be informed of your donation decision and about the donation process to follow.

Question: Will I receive a donor card?

Answer: Federal regulations require all hospital deaths to be reported to the local organ procurement organization. This makes it possible for the Donate Life New England Donor Registry to be checked each and every time a death is referred. No donor card is necessary.We recommend that everyone who registers as a donor talk to their family about their decision to donate.